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Bimerify aims to revolutionize the way architects, engineers, and designers integrate lighting fixtures into their projects. Our goal is to become a central hub for the global BIM lighting community, fostering innovation and collaboration in the realm of BIM lighting fixtures and promoting sustainability in the built environment

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RFA Families Design for REVIT

Our expert team specializes in crafting tailored RFA families for REVIT, ensuring seamless integration into your BIM projects. These families are meticulously designed, incorporating parametric features that enhance adaptability and functionality. Our custom RFA families optimize your REVIT experience, streamlining your workflow and enhancing project precision.

BIM Project Modeling

Experience unparalleled project visualization and collaboration with our BIM project modeling services. Our skilled professionals leverage cutting-edge technology to create detailed and accurate 3D models. These models serve as the foundation for your BIM projects, facilitating precise coordination, clash detection, and project analysis. From conceptualization to construction, our BIM project models empower your team, ensuring a streamlined and error-free project lifecycle.

Lighting Analysis in BIM

Illuminate your projects with our advanced lighting analysis services within the BIM framework. We utilize sophisticated BIM tools to simulate and analyze lighting scenarios, ensuring optimal illumination levels and energy efficiency. Our detailed analysis encompasses natural and artificial lighting, enabling you to make informed decisions about lighting design and placement. From daylight simulations to artificial lighting layouts, our BIM-driven approach enhances your projects aesthetics, energy efficiency, and occupant comfort.